The Organization of Christian Youth in Africa for Development (OJCAD) organized an entrepreneurship and mentoring training for peace in Goma, the capital of the North Kivu province, from May 30th to May 31st, 2023. The objective of this initiative was to encourage young former combatants and vulnerable individuals to leave armed groups and become self-sufficient by creating their own businesses.

According to Aimé Balibuno, coordinator of the organization, this training is intended for young former combatants and vulnerable individuals to help them learn the principles of entrepreneurship with a spirit of creativity. The goal is to help them leave unemployment behind, become self-sufficient, and build peace in their community. Young people are often involved in armed groups and are manipulated, which is why the organization wants to offer them an alternative by encouraging them to create their own work.

She added that young people should be encouraged to create their own work rather than joining armed groups. The government should support young people who already have such initiatives to help save them and build peace.

« The training is intended for young former combatants and vulnerable individuals. We teach them entrepreneurship with creativity so that they can take charge of their future, leave unemployment behind, and contribute to peace in their community. Our goal is to help them no longer be manipulated because they are often involved in armed groups. Our initiative aims to promote autonomy among young people and discourage their engagement in armed groups to build peace in our country, » she said.

« The idea is that young people can create their own jobs using their creativity and innovative ideas. We only offer the training, and the rest is up to them. We encourage young people not to join armed groups but to create jobs for themselves. The government must support young people who have already taken similar initiatives to save other young people and build peace, » said Aimé Balibuno.

This training is an example of the importance of entrepreneurship for peace and stability in the Democratic Republic of Congo. By providing young people with the necessary skills to create their own business, they can become self-sufficient and contribute to the reconstruction of their community. The organization of Christian youth in Africa for development sets an example by implementing training to help young people leave armed groups and build a better future.

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